Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Festive sheep and my last run of 2013


To end the year I thought I'd just show a few sheep things I spotted over Christmas:

Paper hankies I bought from a garden centre, just because they are so cute
A stripey sheep Christmas card - love her leg warmers!
A fun sheep waistcoat I spotted last time I was in London

My last run of 2013

The weather has been vile yet again with strong winds and rain, rain and more rain. As I wasn't in a hurry this morning I waited until the rain had abated before I headed out for my run through the village.

En-route I looked down into the valley and thought how different the flood water looked on a dark and dismal day. Not at all sparkly as before and the sky just looked brooding and menacing.

For some reason I felt the need to go down into the valley to experience the flooding again and I'm glad I did as the little steam train was just pulling into the station.

One of the volunteers was waiting to open the gates but told me he hadn't got a key so was hoping that the guard had a set!

As I ran over the crossing I stopped to take a photo and did a big wave to people looking out of the windows and got several waves back. It always takes me back to my childhood as our  rail line was one of the last to be electrified and as a child it was such a thrill to wave to the train drivers and passengers.

Phew, he did have a set of keys
Full steam ahead
They don't look very friendly do they!
The rain managed to hold off until I got home so I was very pleased. 

So that was 6 miles done and dusted bringing my total for 2013 to 1811 miles. I didn't do as many marathons this year (only 2!) so I didn't need to cut back my mileage as much plus I did my 111 running streak which helped to bump up my total.

Next year, however, is another matter with 7 marathons and a 5 month  running streak. Yikes!


helen baldwin said...

Wow, had a lovely little time reading through you blog, keen crocheter and have just taken up running, also all for charity, would love to be able to combine the two, [although not really marathon standard as yet] well done on all your fundraising as well, your an inspiration! helen

Susie Hewer said...

Hi Helen and thanks for leaving a comment! Great to hear you've taken up running and fund-raising (I started out with a Race4Life 5k in memory of a friend who died of cancer). Crochet is one of my favourite things too :-)